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We understand that we all have dreams and while some may have had the opportunity to walk with someone in their lives to guide, pave way for them down the path of their dreams making it feel easy and smooth, The path to realizing those dreams can be and is very daunting for others. Despair and negative self-talk can crop in. Life can happen and you lose touch with your self, people and the things you aspired to do in life. Well all is not lost because Valid Dreams is here to walk with and alongside you till you get to your dreams.Our amazing team of coaches, mentors and wellness team will relentlessly be with and work you till you get there.

Holding Hands in the Sunshine
Group of Women

Every year we are proud to host the Black History event in February in celebration of the black history and culture. Our events focus on creating intercultural platforms for people of all cultures to connect, learn, share, discover and grow their knowledge and understanding of the African Heritage. It creates for a safe space for all cultures to interact and share openly.
Don't miss out on our next main Black History event. It only gets better every year!

" I was once in a very dark and lonely place and had a hard time finding community and enthusiasm for life. I had many dreams and big dreams for my life but when I had gotten to that dark place none of those dreams had any meaning to me until I discovered something. I discovered LIFE."You too can get back because Valid Dreams sees you.

Friends Posing
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