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About us

Valid Dreams Foundation supports the Kamloops region by bridging multi-ethnic communities through events, workshops, and programs. Our goal is to work cross-culturally and cross-racially to engage and connect with members of diverse backgrounds to cultivate a safe and harmonious community for generations to come.

To foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity where individuals are inspired to pursue their dreams.


To grow, inspire, empower, educate and connect communities.

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To provide a space where individuals can nurture their dreams and thrive in their communities


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Each day we strive to uphold our values within our organization and  communities

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 Our History & Why 'Valid Dreams'

Valid Dreams was founded in 2021 under the name Kamloops African Association. Since then, we've taken part in a wide range of activities to empower individuals, organizations, and communities.

In February 2022 we decided to change our name to Valid Dreams Foundation, since our main drive is to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity. Our goal in changing the name was to provide a welcoming space and expand the reach of our services to the communities.  We want to walk with everyone experiencing challenges integrating in the community of Kamloops, regardless of their culture

We understand that we all have dreams and while some may have had the opportunity to walk with someone in their lives to guide, pave way for them down the path of their dreams making it feel easy and smooth, The path to realizing those dreams can be and is very daunting for others. Despair and negative self-talk can crop in. Life can happen and you lose touch with your self, people and the things you aspired to do in life. Valid Dreams Foundation is here to walk alongside you towards your dreams.

Our amazing team of coaches, mentors and wellness team are committed to you.

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