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Sunday, February 18th

Black History

Event 2024


Valid Dreams Foundation supports the Kamloops region by bridging multi-ethnic communities through events, workshops, and programs. Our goal is to work cross-culturally and cross-racially to engage and connect with members of diverse backgrounds to cultivate a safe and harmonious community for generations to come.


Get to Know the Faces behind Valid Dreams Foundation

Executive Director 



Sally founded Valid Dreams Foundation as the logical result of her passion for social justice, sustainable development, empowerment and gender equality. She devotes herself to working with the marginalized communities and institutions as well as empowering women in BIPOC communities to horn their voices and achieve their full potential.

She currently serves as Executive Director and chairperson for Valid Dreams foundation, and has previously worked with Connective Support Society, the Mustard Seed in Kamloops and Edmonton, and with Axis Family Resources Kamloops. She also Volunteered at Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton as a crisis line support.

Prior to coming to Canada, Sally  worked as a Regional Consultant and Program coordinator for UN Women and Principal Partner to Sustainable Economic Development Organizations. Sally was also a Youth representative for the Federation of Women Groups Kenya in 2013, Chairperson for 2020 Ventures in 2017/2018, and was elected Board Member for Drive Happiness in 2019.

During her spare time, Sally can be found enjoying nature, reading books, meditation, dance and cooking.

Our Partners

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